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Fire Damage and Smoke Removal Services Newark

Experienced fire restoration professionals know that areas seemingly unaffected by fire damage are still a danger to homeowners. Smoke can enter within cavities of the structure, causing hidden damage and odor. The information fire restoration experts have of building systems helps them examine how far fire and smoke damage might have spread.

Here at Water Damage Newark we are all set to provide you with the best solutions for fire and smoke damage restoration services. We give our absolute top service to minimize the fire and smoke damage and restore your property to the maximum extent possible. Our services are catered by specialized professionals who take pride in serving you with high quality damage equipment. Water Damage Newark is available 24/7 at your convenience for all your fire and smoke damage needs. Call us anytime you need fire and smoke damage restoring services. We’ll provide you with a free estimate well before we finalize the contract with you.


When the weather starts to cool down, what most people do is turn their furnace on. If you hear a strange noise or smell a funky odor, turn it off right away. What might happen next if you don't turn it off is what we call puff back. Puff Back occurs when their is an ignition problem which ends up spewing soot all over your home.
For an unfortunate few it is already too late. Our company specializes in cleaning this mess. So if this has happened to you, call us immediately and we'll be glad to help you out.


Our company will guarantee you:
1.Certified restoration company by IICRC
2.Trained and well expert technicians
3.100% prosperity assured
4.Full time support by our insurance professionals
5.Tested equipments.
6.Soot damage control
7.Puff Back Cleanup

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